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Lighting Up Will Bring You Down

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness,Health Concerns & Ailments at 9:27 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Bogart SmokingIt is the brunt of endless jokes. Nearly every sitcom has touched upon it at least once, a season. It’s the last thing a man wants to experience, the one thing he prays won’t happen. He sweats over the possibility of hearing, “Don’t worry. It happens to everyone,” and calms himself by swearing he won’t be one of the many. However, regardless of endless reassurances, he probably will be. Erectile dysfunction affects approximately 52 percent of men between 40 and 70.  It leaves guys of all ages incapable of satisfying their sexual needs, frustrating them in every way imaginable. It is a real problem, with real causes.

Erectile dysfunction can occur for any number of reasons, both mental and physical. If a man is in the throes of depression or experiencing extreme stress, anxiety or fatigue, he’s fairly likely to sexually malfunction. Physical conditions, such as diabetes-related nerve damage, cardiovascular diseases, alcoholism, hormonal disorders and prescription-medication reactions increase the risk as well.  But those aren’t the only causes. A man could be physically and mentally healthy, yet still not making headway in the bedroom. Why? Blame the cigarette. A study of 4,763 healthy Chinese men found that smoking significantly increased the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. Men who had up to 10 cigarettes a day heightened their risk by 27 percent. Men who had between 11 and 20 increased it by 45 percent, and those, who surpassed 20, saw a 65 percent surge. Even more distressing was that even guys who quit smoking were more likely to experience erectile dysfunction.  The end message, then, is don’t start if you haven’t and if you have . . . well, at least there’s help.

The commonality of erectile dysfunction has led to an endless number of products devoted to rectifying the situation. You can, once you’ve talked to your doctor, take your pick. However, if you’d like to eliminate the problem before it begins, you can also take some preventive steps. First, stop smoking. It may not help overly, but it can’t hurt. Then, limit your alcohol consumption. Get plenty of sleep and exercise, stress less and think positively. Negative feelings are another cause of erectile dysfunction. Hating yourself will only add to your problems. So, believe in your abilities, and you might just relieve your sexual frustrations.

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