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Lucky Vitamin Presents: DFX Sports & Fitness

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness at 12:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
DFXLucky Vitamin is proud to present our latest addition of sport and fitness products: DFX Sports & Fitness.

DFX Sports & Fitness has established itself as a leader and innovator of fitness products with a legitimate history of motivation and dedication to advancing concepts and improving physical fitness. The company has created and developed a full line of sports and fitness products including Sports Pro Gyro, Ironpower Gyro, Armshaper, Body Secrets massage rollers, and much more.

Since the late 70s, DFX was the first to manufacture, patent, and supply gyroscopic exercises to the US. Few people could have imagined that a polycarbonate sphere about the size of a tennis ball would change the way people work out and recover from injuries forever, but that’s exactly what happened with the incredible popularity of DFX Gyro. Today, DFX Powerball Gyro has evolved into miracle medicine for carpal tunnel, rehabilitation, and repetitive stress injuries. DFX products have remained UAL logo certified, military endorsed, and PGA Tour partners club member tested and approved.

These amazing fitness devices can generate up to 40lbs of dynamic resistance. You’ll quickly feel the toning and strengthening begin in your forearms, biceps, shoulders, wrists, and hands so you can start performing better in your favorite sports. Hundreds of chiropractors and physical therapists across the country have chosen DFX Gyros for the gentle rehabilitation of carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, arthritis, tendinitis, and golfers/tennis elbow. Its silky smooth, non-impact workout makes it the perfect strengthening, conditioning, relaxation and recovery tool.

If you want to improve the way you look and feel, DFX Sports & Fitness represents the fitness breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

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