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LuckyFit: Lose the Jiggle in your Arms

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness at 5:00 pm | By: Sean Wolf, Contributing Fitness Author
Do not like the way the back of your arms look? Do not like the excess fat that that jiggles when you lift your arms. Well, I have created the perfect workout for you. Designed using free weights, resistance bands and body weight, these exercises are sure to help you tighten up that unwanted arm flab.


Exercise 1: Triceps Pull-Downs with V-bar or Curl Bar

Face the machines/pulley. Take about 2 steps away. Grab the v-bar or curl with your palms facing down and closer together. Keep your arms by your side, knees slightly bent, and a straight back.  Begin to pull the bar down until your arms are locked. Hold at the bottom for 1-2 seconds. Bring the weight slowly back up, until your arms are a little past 90 degrees then perform next repetition.

Set 1: 12 reps
Set 2:12 reps
Set 3: 10 reps

Exercise 2: One-Arm Resistance Band Reverse Pull Downs

Hang the resistance band at the top of a bar or something high. You are going to perform the same type of motion you did in the above exercise. The only difference is you want a reverse grip on the handle of the band. This means you want to grip the handle with your palm facing up or “supinated.” As above, pull until extended and hold 1-2 seconds, feeling a nice, tight triceps. Bring slowly back to 90 degrees, let the tension in the resistance band pull you to the starting position.

Set 1: 12 reps
Set 2: 12 reps
Set 3: 10 reps

Exercise 3&4: Superset Dumbbell Triceps Kickback with Dips

Superset is a term in exercise meaning back-to- back. Your break will be after you complete the second exercise. Begin with a triceps kick-back. To perform, I find it is best used when doing on a bench long ways. Place your opposite hand and knee that is not performing the exercise on flat bench. This should make you be in a bent over position and give you proper support.

Start with your elbow in tight to your side and bent so your elbow is pointing to the ceiling. Begin by “kicking” or straighten your arm back, also towards the ceiling. Keep your elbow in as you perform this motion and kick back in a straight line. Once your arm is extend and you feel a nice pinch in the back of your arm, hold for 1-2 seconds, and begin to bend until your arm is bent and in the starting position with your dumbbell and elbow tight to your body.

To execute the dip you want to stand perpendicular to the bench with your back towards it.  Place your hands so your palms are the main focus of where you are pressing through. You want your hands shoulder with apart and fingertips facing the way you are looking. Walk your feet out and bend until they are at 90 degrees. Begin to perform the dip by bending your arms keeping your elbows pointing straight back; do not let them turn out to the side. Bend until your elbows are 90 degrees, then begin to push through your palms trying to lock your arms.

Set 1: 12 kickbacks > 15 dips
Set 2: 12 kickbacks > 15 dips
Set 3: 10 kickbacks > 15 dips

**Note: Remember exercises should be performed in a slow and controlled manner. Do not hold your breath when you are lifting. Inhale before you lift the weights or perform the movement, and exhale during the course of the movement. Breaks between sets should be 30 seconds to no more than one minute. Also weight training alone cannot eliminate your arm fat, it will need to be incorporated with cardio training.

About LuckyFit: LuckyFit is LuckyBlog’s special section featuring fitness and training topics for overall health and physical fitness. LuckyFit blogs feature specialized workouts and health tips to help you achieve your fitness goals. LuckyFit exercises are designed by our certified Exercise Science staff journalists with several years of training and fitness education. These tips and routines are designed for people in good health; remember to always consult with your physician before participating in any physical activities.

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