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Men Can’t; Women Won’t

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness at 5:14 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Couple on BenchRomance is difficult enough to maintain when there are no medical obstacles in the way. Miscommunication, unrealistic expectations, fatigue, work, stress and any number of internal/external factors can extinguish even the most sensual of moods. Couples throughout the world struggle to keep passion’s flame burning, but it can be a trying task. And when you add a disease, such as diabetes, into the mix, it becomes even more insurmountable.

A diagnosis of diabetes immediately changes your life. Foods that you once savored are banned.  You must be more conscious of your meals’ content – fat, calories, sugar – and thus cannot indulge in the romantic dinners you once did. Your Friday night, candlelit, French forays are mere memories. But you could do without those particular preludes, if the main event were the same. It’s not.

Between fifty and eighty percent of men with diabetes suffer from erectile dysfunction.  The blood vessels and nerves in the penis are damaged by the disease, making a sustainable erection improbable if not impossible. Women are also affected, but in their case, it’s not a matter of ability, rather desirability.  The disease wears away at the libido, making the thought of sex unappealing. And even if the libido remains intact, vaginal dryness is likely to occur, once again making sex unappealing. The resulting dormancy in the bedroom weighs heavily on relationships. Both partners harbor guilt, assign blame and fail to communicate. It is a recipe for disaster.

If you have diabetes and suffer from erectile dysfunction, a lapsing libido or vaginal dryness, don’t allow the problems to get the best of you. Talk to your partner; talk to your doctor. Treat the condition. Then, find new ways to infuse romance into your relationship. Rather than going out to a French bistro, create one at home with your own music, candles and diabetes-safe recipes. Use your imagination and construct a prelude worthy of what’s to come.

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