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Seven Minutes of Heaven

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness at 3:59 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
TimerAre you one of those guys who’s constantly afraid that his girlfriend is counting and that he’s come up short? Do jokes about stamina, commercials about longer sex and songs about “all night long” leave you shifting in your seat, turning a bright shade of red and hoping no one asks how long your last “night” was? Does it take you longer to run the mile than it does to . . . well, does it? If so, stop fretting.

A study of sex has found that the fantasy – the hours of pleasure or even the 20 minutes most couples expect – isn’t the ideal length of time. The ideal is seven to 13 minutes, but even just three to seven can be adequate. That amount of time will satisfy both parties. Neither will worry that it wasn’t long enough, and neither will lament that it was too long. So rest easy, you don’t have to wow her for hours on end, but you do still have to wow her.

A shorter timeframe is not an excuse for a shoddy effort. You need to make the most of those seven to 13 minutes, finding ways to please . . . both of you. Discover what she wants, what you want, where the two meet and just how fun that intersection can be. Use up all the energy you have (it’s not as if you’re going to need it for an inordinate amount of time). Go crazy, and when you’re done, neither one of you should have any idea how many minutes have passed. 

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