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Television Can Be Beneficial

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness at 2:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Who said watching TV is always bad for you?

The label of watching TV as a “bad habit” is the result of millions of people who tend to eat or snack while watching TV for several hours. These people are known as “couch potato” and generally live a sedentary lifestyle.

Furthermore, the explanation for the term “bad for you” can also be associated with the content available on TV programming. Many people watch TV shows, news about celebrities, reality shows, sports and music. Nothing wrong with that, but if that’s all you watch on TV, then yes, television can be considered really bad for you.

People should really make an effort to watch the news and stay informed about what’s happening around the globe. Additionally, watching documentaries can be helpful as we can often learn something different about history, animals or general culture.

Most people think of the couch potato image when talking about watching television but not everyone sits down and eat in front of the TV set. For many people, the television is a workout buddy whether you are running on a treadmill, riding on a stationary bike, or doing sit ups. Even better, you can use the TV to improve your exercise routine using DVD and exercise guides.

An exercise routine on a regular basis is one of the best ways to get in shape or stay in shape but it does not have to be done on a daily basis. Everyone is different, and eat and exercise differently. Pace yourself based on what works best for you: five times a week, three times a week or weekends only.

Instructional exercise guides are extremely helpful to accomplish your workout goals. It doesn’t just help you to work out but most guides can actually help you to exercise properly and, consequently, get the most out of your workout.

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2 Responses to “Television Can Be Beneficial”

  1. greasedupdeafguy says:

    wow. Mr. Blog writer, this is by far your best blog picture. wow. Also I do agree with you, there is valuable info, on the right TV programs. Particularly documentries. I have some suggestions for great documentries:

    1. food inc.
    2. king corn
    3. good copy bad copy
    4. sicko

  2. bill says:

    @greased up deaf guy, hey i’ve seen 2 out of the 4 of these documenties, and they are great, great call on that. looking forward to watching the other two.

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