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That’s the Spot!

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness at 12:01 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Couple on a CouchIt’s the holy grail of female sexual satisfaction. Every woman hopes she has it and even more desperately hopes it can be found. It is the key, according to some, to mind blowing pleasure. Without it, there’s no such thing as actual achievement and feasibly no reason to try. It is the G spot and it has been, since the 1980s, an allusive mystery taunting both men and women with its potential existence.

Fortunately, Italian researchers believe they have found it.  A study of 20 women  revealed, with the use of ultrasounds, that those who achieved orgasm through vaginal stimulation – those who had a G spot – had thicker tissue between their vagina and urethra. If this is true, if they have actually located the G spot, certain women are destined for unimaginable pleasure and everyone else is not.

Depressed? If you’ve already proven that you have a G spot, I imagine you are anything but, smugly smirking as you remember last night’s adventures. But if you’re still on the quest, I would bet that you’re at least somewhat downtrodden. What if you don’t have a G spot? What are you supposed to do? Throw in the towel now and accept a future of so-so sex?

Absolutely not. Doing that would imply that there is only one way to have sex, only one way to achieve satisfaction and no hope for you, but that’s not the case. Women were enjoying sex long before the G spot came into play. They were, rather than fixating on a possibility, learning to understand their bodies and what stimulated them. If you want to be sexually satisfied, forget about the G spot. Forget about the tales your girlfriends share during gossip hour. Forget about the stories on TV and in books. Find what works for you. You are an individual, and as such, how you and your partner discover mind-numbing pleasure is an individual matter.

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  1. mark says:

    going home to check now! hope the wife won’t mind… 🙂

  2. whoisjohngalt says:

    You should be on Oprah.

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