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Tips For Healthy Running

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness at 4:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Warmer weather is always a nice invitation for outdoor activities. Not a coincidence, many running events take place at the beginning of the spring season, often considered the ideal time for outdoor running: not too hot, not too cold, not too humid, just perfect.

With plenty of running events available across the country many people are encouraged to participate and compete in road races. Whether you are just jogging to get fit, running a 5K run, 10K run, half-marathon or a full 26 miles and 385 yards marathon, practice and proper preparation is key to your success.

So, let’s get ready to run with a few simple tips for healthy running.

First, wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Proper running shoes can make a huge difference on your performance. If you don’t feel comfortable with your current shoes, don’t run with them as blisters can be very painful. Running shoes suitable for your running style, foot type, and level of experience will help you run comfortably and injury-free. For hot days, wear light clothing. When you sweat, clothes get heavier and can be uncomfortable at times, so choose light shirts and shorts. Finding the right sports bra is just as important for women.

Second tip: stretching. Perhaps the most important part of your running, stretching is vital for your body. Warming up before and cooling down after your runs can prevent injuries and keep you in healthy shape. The best time for stretching is after your run, when your muscles are warmed up.

Third, drink water. Hydration boosts endurance as the human body can lose over 96 ounces of water per hour during sustained high-intensity activity. Continual hydration optimizes body cooling and energy transport, resulting in peak performance during training and competition. A quick burst of water is generally better than lots of water at once. Running belts for small bottles of water are perfect for proper hydration during running. Sports drinks are also recommended to replace sodium lost through sweat.

Finally, know your limits. Trying to do more than your body can handle may result in injury and frustration. Be patient, accomplishing results gradually is better for your health. Staying motivated is essential as training can be extremely exhausting and running with a partner is often a good idea.

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  1. Aliyah says:

    Love your blog. Read about you in The Bee. I am a fellow riesdent and work as a Parent Coach. I have also written a number of articles of the value of outdoor play. (Big fan of Richard Louv’s book!).

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