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Training Gloves Are Hands Down The Best Protection

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness at 5:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Training gloves are “hands down” the best protection for your hands. Many people wear workout gloves to prevent calluses but often forget other several benefits from protecting your hands during your physical activity.

Training gloves enhance any training performance by protecting your hands and increasing bar traction during lifts. Gloves provide cushion for your fingers and palm from the knurling, the metal teeth of the lifting bar, which often creates skin abrasion.

Gloves also provide protection from residual bacteria left on the bars, a very important health concern, particularly if you work out in a gym or public facility.

Additionally, workout gloves can add support for your wrists, fingers and palms. Depending on the style, some gloves offer a traction pad on the palm that holds the bar safely in place during lifting, so you can lift longer and more comfortably.

People should wear training gloves for activities such lifting free weights, using training machines, using cardio vascular machines, kick boxing and biking.

Choosing the right glove is essential for a successful workout. Gloves are a very personal thing and it’s quite difficult to choose the right one. Make sure the glove fits your hand and you can flex your fingers naturally and comfortably. Check if there’s enough cushioning on the palm when you grasp a bar or a handle, to ensure a sure grip when lifting or training.

Lastly, choose a model from a reliable brand. Cheaper brands don’t offer extra stitching and padding, not providing proper protection and grip, and could wear quickly. Lucky Vitamin offers two of the top brands of training gloves, Valeo and Harbinger, at our discounted prices.

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  1. Mattew says:

    Good brands indeed. You ought to learn about better options, cheap stuff ends up more $

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    Very useful article, thank you

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