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What Do You Mean Every Day?

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness at 9:25 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
RejectionNot too long ago, your guy may have come home exhilarated by an article he had found online. “We should have sex every day!” he proclaimed, unbuckling his belt. You may have laughed, as this wasn’t the first time he had made a similar announcement, or you may have had a more . . . negative response. Every day? Seriously? Who had told him that? You were rarely in the mood once a week, let alone once a day. Then, you paused, shook yourself. What was wrong with you? Why weren’t you as enthused by a health headline  (that only applies to certain men, by the way) that touted the need for regular sex?

Short answer: nothing.

The female libido is as complicated as any individual woman.  There are more facets to it than, I’m sure, any of us are privy to. As such, there are times of intense desire and times of intense apathy. It’s only normal. But if your urges seem to be occurring less and less often, you may want to consider the problem’s source. It could be the result of a preexisting condition – a hormone imbalance, thyroid disorder, depression or menopause – all of which can be addressed by your doctor. He may recommend hormone therapy, a libido-lifter, an alternate medication (some drugs affect your sex drive) or some other form of treatment. However, if the problem is not that easily taken care of, there are other ways to make sex more appealing:

• Exercise – aerobic exercise will heighten your energy, stamina and mood, all of which can improve sexual response and arousal, and sex. Pelvic exercises (the tightening and relaxing of your pelvic muscles) will also help awaken your dormant desires.
• Atmosphere – set the mood. Candles, dimmers and other ambience-builders will make more than the room romantic. Besides, the low lights may alleviate some of the self-esteem issues you have concerning your body.
• Try something new – stepping outside of your safety zone can make the experience more fun. You can try . . . almost anything. I’ll leave that brainstorm to you.
• Talk to your partner – dysfunction in the relationship will lead to dysfunction in the bedroom.
• Have sex – sorry, but your abstinence isn’t going to make the next proposition any more appealing. It’s very much a use it or lose it situation. The more often you have sex, the more sexually limber you’ll be, making it all the more better.

Try these suggestions, and the next time your man comes home unbuckling his belt, you may do the same.

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