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How to Create a Meditation Space in Your Home

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It’s no secret: Meditation can reduce stress, improve concentration, increase happiness, slow aging and encourage a healthy lifestyle overall. In some cases, it can even help with cardiovascular and immune needs. Many people also meditate for the sake of better self-awareness and enlightenment, or mindfulness.

“I find the time to meditate because it truly sets my mood and perspective for the day,” says Melissa Berry, lifestyle expert and founder of “I always try to practice first thing in the morning and right before I go to sleep.”

While you can pretty much practice it anywhere, let’s explore how to create a special place within your home that you can retreat to whenever you need to meditate.

The ideal space should be an area in the home where you feel most relaxed. There are also specific items you can incorporate into the space to ensure meditation’s effectiveness.

Choosing the Right Place for Meditation

So where should you meditate? Where is the best spot in your home? It’s important to pick a simple, clutter-free environment. You should also avoid picking a spot in the house that gets a lot of foot traffic if you live with other people.

“It’s important to clear out the clutter physically and energetically,” explains Michelle Cromer, a feng shui healer, speaker and author. “Remove anything out of the dedicated space that will not aid in meditation.”

Clear the invisible energy and set an intention for the space before every meditation session, Cromer advises. “Some people like to use beautiful, soothing music to clear out the invisible energy in their meditation space,” she adds.

Lastly, don’t forget to factor in lighting. Do you want a well-lit environment or a dim one? Light up your space as you like. Many people want versatility—using sheer curtains to let sunlight enter during the day and lights with dimmers at night to adjust the mood.

Meditation Space Essentials

There’s no right or wrong about what to have in your meditation space. This is your space, after all. But, here’s a shortlist to inspire you:

  • Meditation pillow (to sit on)
  • Yoga mat (for sitting or yoga)
  • Inspiring painting
  • Plant or something to bring you close to nature
  • Oil diffuser equipped with essential oils (try lavender, frankincense, sage, just to name a few)

“Using essential oil activates grounding earth energy. I would use the life-affirming energy of orange essential oil,” explains Cromer. “Using nine drops in a diffuser or on yourself will introduce a vibrant transforming energy.”

Cromer also suggests hanging a faceted crystal in the back right corner for love or on the back left corner for abundance. “This will bring in light, clarity and serve to constantly move the energy around the space.” Crystals raise the “chi” (which is essentially a warm current) in your space and in your life.

Think you’re ready? “Technology feeds us with so much information that it’s important to take the time to simply be and not think about anything,” Berry says. “It’s like a vacation for your mind, and I highly recommend becoming a frequent flyer.”

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