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Week Of 9/23 Recap

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing at 10:33 am | By: Jacob Grail, Contributing Editor
This week we shared stories focusing mainly on adding value to your daily food intake. We discussed how organic food with a daily multivitamin ensures optimal nutrition, and how you can use herbs like ginger as a natural home remedy for common ailments:

  • An excerpt from the fourth edition of “The Benefits of Nutritional Supplements” by Council for Responsible Nutrition focuses on the advantages and importance of taking dietary supplements, quoting the advice given by some of the prominent physicians and researchers at Harvard.
  • Reading the uses of ginger as told by Glory Lennon, we discover its medicinal worth and how it has been used to cure various ailments since ancient times. Herbs often provide miraculous cures to sicknesses where conventional medicine fails!
  • Are protein bars good or should they be avoided? Diet and Nutrition Blog gives useful information related to protein bars as a source of quick nourishment.
  • If you have been tricked into believing that organic foods contain extra vitamins to fulfill your body’s requirements, think again. The Washington Post cites the findings of a study that evaluates the nutritional and health advantages of organic products over conventional food.
  • Anne Seccombe from, shares the exciting findings of a recent research that suggests how high doses of vitamin D can help tuberculosis patients to recover faster.
  • This detailed look at “A Guide to Getting an Optimally Nutritious Diet” answers the question about whether organic foods provide all the nutrients required by your body or whether you should take supplements for optimum health.

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