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Week Of 9/30 Recap

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing at 10:04 am | By: Veronica Brite, Editor
We touch down with a number of vitamins, herbs, and stress (you heard that right) this week as we keep on the journey towards a healthier, fuller life. Check out our featured stories for you:

  • Vitamin C strengthens our immunity and beta carotene keeps our eyes healthy. That’s all we know – for now. Take a look atthisarticleand find out how these two can possibly protect you from dementia later in life.
  • You can often hear your doctor – or your mom – remind you to eat right, drink plenty, and take your vitamins. It won’t be long before we start hearing them telling us to take a healthy dose of stress. Read more in PatHagansarticle to understand what we are talking about.
  • What if we can prevent the development and occurrence of asthma by taking some soup? We are pretty sure that all parents will eager to get their hands on such a recipe if they could. Find out what kind of soup is suggested to eliminate the possibility of asthma from CathyGivansreport.
  • Vitamin K is primarily responsible for blood clotting functions – or so we thought. Recent findings shed light on the existence of two forms of vitamin K. Find out what the other vitamin K is capable of doing from thiswebarticle.
  • Herbal medicine is not for everybody, but for those who do prefer some old fashioned treatment, then here’s a treat. The Mullein bushes are back in the scene this month, and they bring along with them a handful of health benefits. Check out what medicinal properties this plant has with apostfromGloryLennonsnaturalremediesseries.
  • We put together a mesh of possible secondary benefits and uses of vitamins C, E, and K for this week’s commentary. Get your fill of supplementation advice with “ButWaitTheresMore!

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