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Breathe Easy with Neti

Filed Under: Health Aids at 12:43 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
If you keep up with your Oprah, you’re probably aware of a recent episode where Dr. Oz recommended a product referred to as a neti pot for correcting sinus problems.  However, if you practice yoga or other forms of meditation that involve deep breathing, you’ve most likely already been utilizing this product for more years than you can remember.  But for those of you who have yet to be exposed to the wonders of the neti pot, there’s still time to get up-to-date. 

So what is a neti pot?  It’s a product that originated in the Orient, now becoming more popular in the U.S., that serves to cleanse the sinus passages.  The unique warm water and saline solution, combined with the actual pot that resembles an antique teapot, can be used to eliminate problems ranging from allergies and sinus infections all the way down to congestion brought on by the common cold.  The neti pot works to eliminate environmental pollutants and buildup that form in the mucous linings of the nasal passages.   Yoga practitioners love it because it aids in some of the most clear breathing you’ll ever experience. 

Using the neti pot for the first time can be rather intimidating, as the small spout is meant to be inserted into the nostril to begin the draining process.  Demonstrations and instructions are helpful to make you more comfortable in your first attempt.  Luckily, there are many sources out there.  Watch the demonstration provided here, or visit Oprah’s website for even more information on Dr. Oz’s recommendation of the product.  You’ll be breathing easy before you know it.

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