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Ease Your Body and Your Mind

Filed Under: Health Aids at 10:45 am | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
yoga1.jpgHatha Yoga is an ancient eastern practice that western society has adopted in order to counteract our stressful, consuming way of life.  It is a means of learning to calm the mind through physical movement and breathing exercises, freeing the body for meditation and producing a relaxing calm that many people utilize today in order to counteract stress.  One of the key notes of yoga is its similarity to deep stretching.  You know that early morning stretch as you climb out of bed.  It feels perfect and starts your day off right.  Yoga brings you that same feeling of peace over your entire body, and with time allows you to move easier, breathe easier, and overall live easier as you learn to manage your thoughts.  Stress becomes a manageable factor, as your body becomes trained to deal with and release negative energy.  Yoga classes are the best way of learning these simple movements and breathing exercises.  DVDs are also available, but for the beginner are not as affective as having a trainer in person.  However, no matter what stage you are in, yoga movements are a wonderful addition to a hectic schedule.  Take comfort in your day, soothe yourself on a soft yoga mat and ease your mind into a peaceful, meditative state.

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