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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Acu-Life

Filed Under: Health Aids at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce Acu-Life massage sandals to our customers.

Acu-Life offers a sensational line of massage sandals based on the principle of reflexology, which has been practiced in Asia and the Middle East for at least 5000 years. Reflexologists believe that each important organ and muscle is connected by a network of nerves to a tiny point on the foot where energy terminates.

Pressure applied to these nerve endings by hundreds of little rubber “fingers” creates a stimulus, which sets in motion an electrochemical impulse, thus releasing healthful energy along the nerve to corresponding organs.

Acu-Life massage sandals can improve circulation and promote relaxation. It can also revitalize tired feet, enhancing energy. Acu-Life’s sandals revitalize you, starting at your feet. The Chinese have known the benefits of foot massage for centuries. Now, you can get a therapeutic deep compression foot massage with every step you take.

Acu-Life’s rubber tipped sandals stimulate tiny nerve endings in your soles that correspond to your body’s vital organs. This deep compression massaging action improves circulation throughout your entire body while relieving tension caused by wearing shoes or lack of exercise.

Durable, long lasting and cruelty-free, you can wear Acu-Life massage sandals with or without socks, the perfect waterproof sandals for around the house, at work, in the yard, at the gym, beach, or poolside. Walk with Acu-Life sandals and you’ll walk healthier.

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