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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Inner Worlds Music

Filed Under: Health Aids at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
You wouldn’t think a website named Lucky Vitamin would offer any music products but we have news for you. Lucky Vitamin can be your source of music too as we are happy to introduce Inner Worlds Music products to our site.

Inner Worlds Music gifts you with a wonderful world of new possibilities, truly beautiful melodies and exotic world beat rhythms to enhance your every waking moment. These incredible recordings also feature authentic (never synthesized) sounds of nature from the musicians’ travels to remote Brazilian jungles, secluded Bavarian forests and Indian Ocean islands.

The Inner Worlds Music production offices are located next to a dreamland landscape, facing the snow capped peaks of the Alps. The company feels that life should always be enjoyed as well as these wonderful musical recordings. Each brilliantly hued sunset, electrifying thunderstorm and star-kissed full moon nightscape savored from a special vantage point serves to remind us that beauty is all around us.

The harmonious interplay of music and life is an adventure that Inner Worlds Music would like to share with you, offering for your pleasure a vibrant array of tranquil, transcendent, passionate, peaceful, energetic and sensually rich audiophile quality recordings, created with love especially for you by some of the world’s most inspired and celebrated artists.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering this unique selection of recording at our discounted prices. Choose from a unique variety of audio CDs, recorded to delight you and your family.

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