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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Thermal Aid

Filed Under: Health Aids at 5:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak

Lucky Vitamin is proud to announce the introduction of a premium brand of treatment pack products: Thermal Aid.

Thermal Aid offers a revolutionary, 100% natural therapeutic line of heating and cooling treatment packs, specifically designed for the medical field, to reduce swelling and relive pain.

Thermal Aid products are truly nature’s therapeutic source. Researchers have created these packs using a unique process, which allows a specialized corn to hold temperatures for longs periods of time. This process removes the germ from the kernel, thus removing virtually all the moisture and preventing mold or fungi from forming. The entire process hardens the corn segments, causing an even temperature in each segment, and retaining temperature, both hot and cold, for a longer period of time. After two years of research and development, the prototypes were created and the concept of “Thermal Aid” was born.

Thermal Aid has been tested on patients and animals and have been useful in the treatment of many different pain ailments including arthritis, back pain, muscle soreness, menstrual cramps, neck pain, fibromyalgia, broken bones, multiple sclerosis, headaches, migraines, sprains/strains, and various muscle aches. The results have been incredible, sparking major interest among healthcare professionals and veterinarians across the country. The medical field has long demanded a product that is portable, highly affordable, and convenient.

Thermal Aid products are available in two models. The adult products are engineered to eliminate pain and swelling from arthritis, sports injuries, and more. These products range in size and can be used as hot or cold therapy packs. The bears for kids’ packs are specifically designed to have all the effective qualities of the adult packs but in a child friendly form. These cute bears are 100% natural and washable, and make it easier to treat children when they need hot or cold therapeutic treatment.

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