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Need a Hand With Your Stress?

Filed Under: Health Aids at 10:23 am | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
stress.jpgHave you ever made it through an entire day without muttering under your breath about your stress level? If you have, then good for you…but I think you’re a liar. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ve discovered the secret of dealing with daily stress. In fact, dealing with daily stress IS the solution. You don’t sweep it under the rug, you don’t think that there is no solution, and you don’t let it build up. You manage it. Slowly and gradually, you learn simple steps that help you control the way your mind and body respond to daily, unexpected troubles and worries. And sometimes a little outside stress relief, aka those multi-colored stress balls, does actually help ease the tension.

Those silly stress balls that people purchase work for one specific reason. It’s called progressive muscular relaxation. The tightening of the muscles as you squeeze followed by the release of muscle tension as you let go allows your muscles to relax and actually release some of the tension in your body that builds up when faced with stressful situations. However, the stress ball is actually negotiable to the process, as squeezing your hand into a fist and then releasing would actually evoke the same response. In fact, you can train yourself to tighten and release various muscle groups throughout your body. But those cute little stress gadgets are helpful even if only for the sheer fact that believing they help you cope with stress can actually help you release your tension. After all, it is mind over matter.

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