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Here Comes the Sun

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments at 4:26 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Sunburn blistersIt’s time for the first real sun tanning of the year but it should not be time for your first sunburn.

People often forget to apply sun lotion in sunny days during late spring and early summer. The result: mild sunburn and the skin eventually peeling off.

Natural sun tanning should be done slowly. If you follow these easy steps, your tan will progressively look better and you can prevent skin damage and skin cancer, as excessive UV-radiation is the leading cause of skin tumors.

Early morning and late afternoon hours are the best for safe sun tanning. Avoid sun exposure between 10am and 2pm, especially if you live in hot sunny regions. Apply sun lotion before and during your tanning. Most people normally forget to reapply after a few hours in the sun. It’s a lot easier to remember to reapply sun lotion when you are tanning by the pool or on the beach.

Pool parties, baseball games, long walks, and any outdoor activity lasting longer than two hours often result in sunburns. People may get distracted and forget to take care of their skin.

Worst case scenario, if you get sunburned, treat your skin as soon as possible. Try to gently moisturize the burned area applying sunburn lotion without pulling the skin off. Most sunburn relief products can soothe your red and irritated skin. Remember, the dead skin cells cannot protect you from the sun and, after your skin peels off, you will be without any protection and extra care is needed.

Don’t let the sun “burn” the beginning of your summer. Keep sun protection in mind at all times to prevent the inconvenience and the danger of sunburns.

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2 Responses to “Here Comes the Sun”

  1. Colleen Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for this blog! I hate reading all the discouraging blogs about having to completely avoid the sun. To be honest, there is nothing more enjoyable then an afternoon in the sun. I am from Florida and I am just addicted. I am not the tannest girl in the world and growing up, I did suffer from some sunburns. But I finally learned the secret to getting a tan…time! As I have grown, I have attained patience. I usually prefer natural sunlight, but if I am going on vacation and need to get a good base, I always hit the tanning beds. I start off with 5 minutes and slowly progress to maybe 10. That way when I hit the beach, I don’t fry right away. And as always, I always lather up in my SPF 30. Another trick…I’ve started using a tan accelerator called Booty Butter tanning lotion. I use it in conjunction with my SPF and I feel like not only does my skin stay moisturized but I get that summer glow more quickly. Just a tip!!!!

  2. Brooklyn says:

    Howdy, amazing, this is good stuff, keep up the good work.Bye Bye

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