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How’s It Shakin’

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments at 8:14 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
HandshakeThe handshake: it comes in many forms – firm, limp, wet, dry, full-hand, four-finger, as part of the man-hug, awkward or smooth – and offers the recipient a view into the shaker’s personality. If the palms are damp, there’s a perceived lack of confidence. If the grip is bone-crushing, there’s an implied message of superiority and possibly a threat. You are well aware that how you shake will affect the way people view you, whether they walk away with a positive or negative image and whether they will give you a chance to prove yourself further, but you may not know that the handshake also serves as a measure of health.

A firm grip denotes a healthier body. Individuals who shake well tend to live longer, recover more quickly from injury, have a higher bone density and have a greater fat-free body mass. For men, it signals that they are more masculine than their limper companions. Their body tends to be the desired V shape (broad shoulders, thin waist), and their muscle, as felt through their fingers, ripples strongly from head to toe. Unsurprisingly, the healthy, male hand-shaker also has more sexual experience, charming the ladies from the initial grasp.

Clearly then, you want to have a firm grip. You want your handshake to wow the shakee immediately. Unfortunately, much of your grasp is genetic. You can’t magically transform naturally weak into decidedly strong, but you can give it a little boost. Men’s Health offers you a few tips on how to improve your grip and tone the rest of your muscle while you’re at it. Should they not work, at the very least, avoid the following faux pas the next time you offer your hand:

  • Dampness – sweaty palms will turn even the firmest handshake into an undesirable experience. If you perspire regularly and even more so when nervous, avoid fisting your hands (it generates more sweat) and carry a tissue with you to wipe them dry before meet and greets.
  • Ego Clamps – you want firm not bone-breaking. Overpowering the shake’s recipient is going to send messages that are less than complimentary. In fact, it’s going to say that you have a complex fueled by excessive testosterone.
  • Barely Theres – you can’t just throw your hand into the air and expect your job to be done. You actually have to grasp and shake, unless you want to be seen as an uninterested, feminine, insecure man. 
  • Complexity – the hand slapping, multi-step maneuvers are all well and good when you’re fooling around with your friends, but when you’re trying to impress an employer or member of the opposite sex the last thing you want to do is confuse them with a six-minute handshake. Keep it simple, look them in the eye and be firm. 

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