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Keep the Resolutions Alive

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments at 5:31 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Quit smokingWe have reached mid January. It’s time to check on your New Years resolution. We hope most people have not given up and are still able to maintain their resolutions.

It’s always rewarding when a smoker spent two weeks without a cigarette or someone on a weight-loss diet dropped five pounds in a couple weeks. Motivation is essential to keep a resolution but results are important as well.

How do you react if not accomplishing any results?

Well, keep fighting. For example, some people are on a weight-loss program and have been exercising, eating well and taking supplements. They still have not lost any significant weight. No results? Not necessarily.

People may not lose weight for the first couple weeks but still are able to accomplish results. Although it may not show on the scale, you could be burning fat and gaining muscle which is ideal for any diet program. So, don’t feel disappointed if you are not dropping five, ten pounds. Get a body-fat check and you will see the real results of your diet.

Smokers who could not get past the first two weeks without a cigarette may also be discouraged by the unsuccessful results. Don’t give up yet.

It’s very difficult to quit smoking. Try to adjust it if your New Year resolution didn’t last very long, minimizing smoking is the “plan B”. Try to smoke only two cigarettes per day instead of four. Maybe smoke only at night. Any improvement should be considered a successful resolution.

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