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Lasting Damage

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments at 5:04 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Family TreeYou’ve probably read the articles – there’s no shortage. You know what will cause sperm damage and defects. You know what you should avoid, how much you should drink, which habits to limit and which ones to ban outright. You know what’s good for your sperm and what’s not. But even though you know, you don’t really pay attention, because you’ve already proven that, defected or not, your boys can accomplish what nature intended. Just look at your wife’s swollen belly. Obviously, it doesn’t matter if you damaged a few along the way. The end result, a beautiful baby, is still the same.

The only problem is it’s not. The health of your sperm affects the health of your child’s and of his child and of that child’s child. Recent studies have found that damage caused by exposure to common garden chemicals lasts for up to four generations, passed down from father to son to grandson and so on. This means that although you are able to impregnate your wife, your great grandchild may not be able to impregnate his. Infertility in two or three generations could end the family name you are working so hard to preserve. If it doesn’t, the damage could still spell an increased risk of diseases, such as prostate or testicular cancer.

The best hope for you and for your descendents is to live the healthiest lifestyle you can now. Keep drinking moderate, nicotine nonexistent and toxins minimal. Studies have shown that cell phone use can affect your sperm as well as air pollution. If possible, you may want to limit your exposure to both, particularly if you are currently attempting to conceive. Of course, given today’s day and age, that can prove difficult, so don’t become too consumed with either. Simply be aware of the dangers – to you and your namesake.

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