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Sleep More, Wake Up!

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments at 11:10 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
SleepingDo you feel sleepy at work? Have you fallen asleep while driving to work?

You are not alone.

A recent study by the National Sleep Foundation shows that we are not getting enough sleep, an average of six and a half hours per night. That’s short of the seven to eight hours recommended for the majority of people.

In addition, snoozing on the job may lead to low productivity, as tired workers generally have poor performance.

Many people sleep less than eight hours on a week night, normally “catching up” with their sleep on the weekends. This strategy may not be the best idea for you because your system is expecting you to rest for more hours.

The solution is very simple: get more sleep.

Reorganize your schedule. It’s time to switch some of the things you are doing on late week nights to early Saturdays or even Sundays. Enough sleep during the week is crucial for your job and, therefore, your career.

It’s quite normal to feel a little drowsy every once in a while, particularly after eating. However, if you are sleepy and working slowly everyday, it’s time to take action to fix a serious sleep disorder.

Lack of vitamins is normally one of the reasons people feel tired. Energy drinks and supplements may help you to “wake up” when needed, but sleeping well and enough is still the best way to stay awake at work.

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  1. jennyn says:

    coffee is still the best way to stay awake at work. I take now Energy, I like it every other day.

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    I’ve seem some goody things about this blog. 🙂 over all very nice posts, keep up the good work.

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    I am always searching for online resources that can help me. Thank you!

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