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Stay Healthy This Winter

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments at 12:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
WinterThe winter has arrived for most people in North America. Cold temperatures, snow storms, icy roads and freezing days are on the forecast for the next couple months.

Cold days normally increase the chances of getting sick. You can stay healthy this winter if you keep a few things in mind.

Building up a strong immune system is the best way to prevent sickness during the winter months. Most people know that but still struggle to maintain a healthy immune system, occasionally fighting the common cold.

We also know that increasing the intake of vitamin C is essential to reduce the duration and severity of cold symptoms. However, are you getting enough vitamin C from your diet?

Several fruits are a rich source of vitamin C. Most people think about oranges and tangerines as the best source of C. True, but papaya, melons, kiwis, strawberries, raspberries and mangoes are also good choices. Some vegetables have high levels of vitamin C as well, such as cauliflower, spinach, cabbage and broccoli.

If you are not eating any (or enough) of these foods listed above, perhaps you should start taking some vitamins.

A weak immune system is directly responsible for most of the flu cases but vitamin C isn’t the only supplement which can fortify it. Several herbs have been used to support the immune system for years. Echinacea, eleuthero, goldenseal root, ginseng and ashwagandha are the most common names.

A combination of vitamins and an herbal blend is one of the best products to keep you healthy this winter.

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