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Stop Snoring, Sleep Better

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments at 10:49 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Do not snoreIt’s never too late to make a New Years resolution.

If you still don’t have one for 2009, stop snoring could be a great idea for yourself and your partner.

This could be the year you will finally stop snoring. You wife, husband, kids or roommates will be very happy if you could at least minimize snoring.

Nobody feels good when you hear, “I could not sleep because you were snoring all night”.

Snoring is caused by partial blockage of air movement during breathing while sleeping. The respiratory system produces noises as parts of the system may be vibrating due to irregular airflow.

You could try a few different things before seeing your doctor: changing your sleeping position or adding a pillow to your back.

In fact, sleeping on the side may be the easiest way to stop snoring. You will not block your throat with your tongue if you are able to sleep on the side of your body for the entire night. You may need a pillow on your back, preventing you from rolling over.

It’s also important to quit or minimize smoking if you plan to reduce snoring. Smoking normally clogs the throat, significantly reducing the air intake. If you cannot quit smoking immediately, try not to smoke at night preventing air blockage before you go to bed.

Snoring aid products may help you fighting this unhealthy and annoying habit. Nose clips are simple devices to increase air intake as you sleep. A few homeopathic products may also help and are safe to be taken on a daily basis.

It’s not that difficult to stop snoring. Better nights of sleep will give you more energy and less respiratory issues. Your partner will be very happy if you accomplish this New Year resolution.

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9 Responses to “Stop Snoring, Sleep Better”

  1. Burger says:

    Snoring can also be caused by other factors besides smoking and sleeping positions. Certain people can suffer from enlarged adenoids which will partially block the wind pipe causing you to snore no matter what position you are in. They are usually most common in children and shrink by the time you are an adult but not always.

  2. Floawllip says:

    Lots of folks blog about this matter but you said really true words.

  3. Jimmy Sailer says:

    Great post, you seem to know your stuff. I did find a few points that I was unsure about, but thanks to Google I now understand your points fully.

  4. How To Stop Snoring says:

    Useful information you have posted here regarding to snoring. It seems that most people snore less if you sleep on your side or stomach compared to id you sleep on your back. The common response from partners of snores is to get the person who snores to turn over. A simple stop snoring tip is to sew or tape a ball to the back of ones pyjama top. The effect of this is to make it uncomfortable for you to sleep on your back. Be sure you are healthy enough to sleep on your side or stomach, though.

  5. Simon says:

    Snoring is a condition that can have more serious health complications such as sleep apnea so one should take the time to find the best remedy for it.

  6. J McSmith says:

    Good article. Its always a good idea to take your time and get advice from a professional about snoring.

  7. Tobie Orum says:

    Thank you very much..that is a very helpful informations for me.I had a trouble in sleeeping few months ago and at the moment I can have a good night sleep.hahaha.I tried so many things to cure it and I did solve my problem.Happy sleeping..just sharing dude. 😀

  8. To Stop Snoring says:

    First of all let me say thank you. I am in te process of compiling a list or sites that talk about How to Stop Snoring. I found your site to be interesting. If you don’t mind, I would like to include your site in our database for health/snoring section.

  9. Mcclearen35 says:

    Hi, I really appreciate to know that about snoring.

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