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Tips to Sleep Better

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SleepingA recent report shows a few interesting tips you can try to help you get more sleep. According to the Cleveland Clinic, half of all adults experience insomnia on occasion, and one in ten battle insomnia on a regular basis.

Most people know the general rules for a good night of sleep. Don’t drink too much caffeine late in the day, keep your bedroom at a cool comfortable temperature and ensure your bed is comfortable.

The additional tips are very interesting and some may help if you are struggling to fall asleep. Try to relax 20 minutes prior bedtime doing something quiet. For example, read a book, listen to relaxing music or try crosswords. These activities may help you power-down before falling asleep.

Getting up a half-hour earlier is another helpful tip. It resets your body clock and you are likely to feel tired earlier in the evening than your normally do.

Some people have the ability to control their sleep but most people suffering from chronic insomnia tend to force themselves to go to bed. If it does not work, going to bed when you are tired may prevent tossing and turning. If it’s getting late and you are still “not tired”, once again, do something relaxing but don’t stay in bed if you can’t fall sleep.

Some teas may help to promote relaxation in your body. Herbals teas are the best choice because they are generally caffeine free. Try one or two cups of tea one hour before bedtime.

In addition, some natural sleeping aid supplements may you to fall asleep faster and to have a longer night of sleep. Valerian, Kava Kava and Melatonin are the most efficient ingredients and are normally safe to be taken.

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