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Understanding Diabetes

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments at 10:29 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
United Nations blue circle symbol for diabetesWe hear a lot about diabetes and most likely know someone suffering from it. Let’s try to understand the different types of diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus is an inability of the human body to metabolize carbohydrates resulting from inadequate insulin production or utilization.

There are two types of diabetes mellitus, type 1 and type 2.

Type 1 diabetes requires regular blood sugar tests and medical intervention. Only 5% of diabetics have type 1 diabetes and are insulin-dependent because the pancreas cannot make the insulin needed to process glucose. Natural therapies cannot cure type 1 diabetes, but may help by making the body more receptive to insulin supplied by injection.

On the other hand, type 2 diabetes is a nutritional disease that can be prevented, controlled, and reversed with nutritional treatments. In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas often makes enough insulin but the body has trouble using it. Type 2 diabetes frequently responds well to natural therapies.

People with diabetes cannot properly process glucose, a sugar the body uses for energy. As a result, glucose stays in the blood, causing blood glucose to rise.

At the same time, however, the cells of the body can be starved for glucose, increasing the risk for heart disease, atherosclerosis, stroke, infections, and damage to the kidneys and nerves. In addition, those with diabetes have a higher mortality rate if they also have high homocysteine levels.

A few self-care steps may helpful.

First, a multivitamin is highly recommended providing full nutrition, supplying all the important vitamins and minerals, and preventing common infections.

Second, chromium supplements are extremely helpful since glucose tolerance can improve significantly by taking this essential trace mineral on a daily basis.

Finally, plan your diet. Try to stabilize your blood sugar by eating fiber from whole grains, vegetables, and fruit, and consider using a fiber supplement such as glucomannan or psyllium.

Preventing diabetes can be easy if you follow these easy-tips.

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  1. Chad says:

    My uncle has diabetes but nothing seems to help him.

  2. Eugene says:

    Nice article. Thanks. 🙂 Eugene

  3. Terry says:

    Well done! good info and good products too.

  4. satria says:

    It is happy to see your posting. Yes really informative article. I will tell this information again to my friend 😉

  5. denise says:

    Thank you for the wonderful information you continue to give us. I will make sure my husband reads this. Denial is also a facture in type 2 diabetes. Change is hard to do for people with bad habits which usually leads them to this point. A little loving shove in the right direction can be all they need.

  6. Chrissy says:

    Nice post. It’s not easy to manage diabetes :(…..

  7. Ramsey says:

    Great article!
    High fiber foods, like miracle muffins are a great way to help manage diabetes, lower cholesterol and aid with weight loss!

  8. Brooke says:

    Thank you for your help!

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