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A Whole Month of Whole Grains!!

Filed Under: Health Foods at 9:30 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Just Ask for Whole Grains ButtonSeptember is Whole Grains Month!!! That’s right; the Whole Grains Council  has dedicated an entire month to promoting and celebrating whole grains, and for good reason. Eating at least three servings of whole grains a day can help you maintain your weight and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease.  And while three servings may seem like a lot, it’s not. One serving is a mere sixteen grams, meaning you need less than 2 ounces a day.  Plus, whole grains are no hardship to find; products, such as Cheerios, popcorn, brown rice and oatmeal, are jam packed with them. But if you need a little encouragement, there is a whole team of organizations leading the way with activities, promotions and special events.

The Whole Grains Council is at the top of the list with educational seminars, a new Web site (to be launched in mid-September) and a plethora of resources  available online. But, they aren’t the only ones. Kashi will hold snack drives throughout the country, where you can trade in your regular snacks for whole-grain alternatives. Snyders is giving out coupons for its whole-grain line, and General Mills is putting the Whole Grains Stamp on all of its cereals, making your grocery shopping a little easier. And while you’re in the grocery store, why not pick up some whole-wheat pasta, whole-grains bread and brown rice. I promise, it will taste just as good as the refined-grain versions, but it will boost your health a whole lot more

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  1. sally says:

    You can get a free sample of kashi at

    and other cereal samples at

  2. Ashley says:

    whole grains rock! and p.s – whole wheat pasta is absolutely delicious…I actually prefer it to regular…and I think it’s more filling…yum!

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