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Canola Oil, the Better Choice

Filed Under: Health Foods at 1:27 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Canola OilVegetable oils and margarine are integral parts of our kitchen.  We use them when baking, frying and dressing. Often, it does not become apparent how much we rely on these products until we are without them. Then, we realize that they are one of the I-can’t-live-without ingredients filling our kitchen. As such, it is important that we choose the most healthful. There are more than enough types, with varying bases – canola, soy, corn – so knowing which way to go can be difficult. Fortunately for us, researchers have named the cream of the crop, the one to look for in the store, and it is canola oil.

On the surface, canola oil is much like the other vegetable oils. It costs the same, tastes the same and is just as readily available. However, when you look at the contents of this liquid, you find that a key ingredient is missing or, at least, significantly lesser, namely saturated fat. Switching to canola can reduce your saturated fat intake by 9.4 percent.  At the same time, it will increase your monounsaturated fat (that’s the good kind) and omega-3 fatty acid consumption by 27.6 and 73 percent, respectively. That’s more than enough reason to switch to canola-based products, but don’t go canola-crazy.

It’s important to remember that vegetable oil, canola or otherwise, still has calories and fat. Moreover, the omega-3 fatty acids you’ll be consuming are ALA. While there’s nothing wrong with that type, there’s nothing statistically phenomenal about it, either. DHA and EPA omega-3s are the stars of the fatty-acid world; they are the kinds you want when attempting to meet the government’s recommendations.  Don’t ignore them simply because you have canola oil in the pantry. The best of the vegetable oils it may be, but the best of the kitchen it’s not.

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