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Discover Coconut Oil

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CoconutCoconut oil has been used for many different reasons since the 1800s. The product, also known as coconut butter, is utilized as a natural supplement, cooking oil, skin moisturizer, and cosmetic lotions.

The Philippines is the world biggest producer and several companies import the raw product, producing oil, capsules and cosmetic products in North America. This tropical oil has various benefits but most people don’t know many of them.

Coconut oil is cholesterol free and studies have found it may help with lowering bad cholesterol and boosting good cholesterol. The oil may also help with weight loss. But with so many products for weight loss already in the market, why should you try coconut oil tablets? Well, people react differently to the same product. Don’t you hear your friend saying how great that fat burner works for her? Yes, the same product didn’t work so great for you. It’s always good to have another option if you want to try something different.

Coconut oil is excellent as a skin moisturizer and softener. Body lotions use the oil as an ingredient, adding a wonderful tropical scent. A study shows that extra virgin coconut oil is as effective and safe as mineral oil when used as a moisturizer, with absence of adverse reactions.

Coconut oil primary use is cooking, commonly used in Asian culinary. Coconut virgin oil is one of the best choices for frying, being healthier than other cooking oils, and also providing nutrients and antibacterial properties.

The oil has also an interesting fact. When buying coconut oil, you may find jars filled with a solid paste form, not liquid, unlike many other cooking oils. Nothing wrong with the product. Coconut oil has a melting temperature of 78F, solidifying at temperatures bellow 78F (26C).

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