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Ease into Organic

Filed Under: Health Foods at 9:08 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Grocery StoreThere’s a never-ending barrage of nagging, telling you to eat organic foods whenever possible.  Conventional products, the advisors remind you, are loaded with chemicals – chemicals that, at the very least, could stunt growth and development. You listen with growing horror. You reconsider the peach in your hand, wondering just how many pesticides are about to enter your system. You vow to stop buying the offending items, and then, you get to the supermarket. You realize that your wallet can’t handle the change to your grocery list. You also realize that “going organic” will essentially result in a hunger strike for your children. After all, eliminating processed foods is going to eliminate a whole week’s worth of kid-tested, kid-approved meals. You give up immediately, tossing out your resolve with the “enlightened” list. You reaccept a few more chemicals into your life, assuming there is no other option, but there is.

Deciding to go organic does not mean you have to replace every item in your refrigerator. You can ease your way into it.  Switch out a few items at a time and leave in the foods that your kids love the most. There is no need to deprive them of the only meal they are currently willing to eat. When you are deciding what to start with, consider Dr. Alan Greene’s “Organic Prescription.”   He lists the top ten foods that will have the most impact on your chemical intake (and the environment). Apples, for example, are the second most popular fruit and have the second highest level of pesticides.  Potatoes are also heavily contaminated and heavily eaten. Ketchup and peanut butter (the two staples of every American child’s diet – separately, I hope) are on the list, as well. It’s not hard to take the first steps towards an organic life. It simply requires a little thought, research and determination.

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  1. Caryn says:

    I bought some organic peppers the other day. They were bigger, tasted better, and were cheaper!

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