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Eating Low on the Food Chain

Filed Under: Health Foods at 12:21 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
Fruits & VegiesFast food restaurants dot the roadsides. They pave the way home for hungry workaholics, fast-food junkies and would-be dieters. But when you order out, what are you consuming? Chicken, beef and animal byproducts. Let’s take it one step further. What does the animal you consumed consume? Grain, soy, etc. But we eat those things too, right? This is where the argument for eating low on the food chain begins.

Did you ever stop to think about how many farms full of animals are actually out there? For all of those animals, they aren’t just grazing on grass. Some don’t even see a pasture. We have to grow grains and other supplies in addition to supplying water to feed all of the animals that we will eventually see lining the store shelves. And haven’t we been arguing over how many pesticides are leaching back into the soil and waterways due to these toxic chemicals? Land must also be reserved or cleared for larger numbers of animals across the world, as our demand for meat increases.

Hormones are being injected into animals worldwide to increase their size and even increase the quantity of milk that’s being produced from these animals. Antibiotics are also being injected into these animals in large doses. All of these toxins are either being released back into the ground or ingested by humans. So what exactly does eating low on the food chain do?

Eating low on the food chain eliminates the need for these extra hormones and antibiotics. The grains being used as feed can simply be redirected for human consumption. Essentially, we’re eliminating a number of steps, even the need for fuel and energy to ship these products such long distances. So how can you “eat low”?

Eating low on the food chain includes trying your best to eat locally. Try buying products that were grown or raised as close to your home as possible. No one expects the entire global population to become vegetarian or vegan overnight. Simply make choices that reflect your awareness and concern for the environment. Be smart, eat smart and let your choices reflect in your health.

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