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Eggplant in A Flat

Filed Under: Health Foods at 12:08 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
There’s no end to the number of ways vegetables can be enjoyed. Just look at the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra: Consisting of 11 musicians, a sound engineer and a video artist, the group performs music, of all types, with fresh vegetables.  They use eggplants, cucumbers, carrot sticks, peppers, pumpkins, leeks and onions to create a truly unique sound that has been enchanting audiences in Europe and Asia since 1998.  And to round it all off, they hand out bowls of vegetable soup at the conclusion of each concert. It is truly an inspired way to embrace a food that is nothing but good for you.

Unfortunately, you don’t have the musical skill needed to play a pepper trumpet or even an eggplant clapper, so how are you going to unearth the many pleasures of vegetables?

The old-fashioned way: Cook.

But don’t limit yourself to the old-fashioned recipes. Salad is wonderful and so is green bean casserole, but if you really want to treasure your produce, you’ll branch out. Pick up a vegetarian cookbook or search online for fun vegetable recipes.  Try zucchini-corn pancakes, mushroom-artichoke lasagna or even something as simple as a veggie wrap. I personally have a frightening obsession with Portobello mushroom sandwiches and anything involving eggplant.

Try something new tonight, and then let us know how it is. We’re, or at least I’m, always looking for new recipes and new ways to love my vegetables.

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  1. Melody Aubergine says:

    ohh my vegan dream!!!

    I can’t decide whether I fancy the cucumber-ophone or the carrot-inet…

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