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Healthy Chocolate?

Filed Under: Health Foods at 5:57 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
ChocolateChocolate lovers: finally good news! Chocolate may not be all that bad. A recent study has showed that some chocolate may not be harmful to your health and could even provide benefits.

The results of the study suggest that chocolate milk has an optimal ratio of carbohydrates to protein, helping refuel tired muscles, according to researcher Joel Stager, PhD from Indiana University.

Most people see chocolate as an unhealthy product that should not be part of a good diet and should not be given to children. Not necessarily true.

Chocolate milk can be a helpful and healthy drink for kids and teenagers providing nutrients they may be lacking from their diets. Kids should be drinking more milk to get enough calcium, vitamin D and potassium.

However, some kids do not like the taste of milk, chocolate could do the trick. Chocolate milk provides all the same benefits without kids complaining about the taste. Of course, moderation is important because chocolate has high levels of sugar.

How about chocolate bars? Once again, they are not horrible for you if you just have a small bar every once in a while, although it is very difficult to find something other than the super size bars in supermarkets and pharmacies.

Certified organic chocolate is a much better product than conventional chocolate. Cacao may contain many chemicals but organic products come directly from the farmers and are free of heavy metals and pesticides.

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3 Responses to “Healthy Chocolate?”

  1. raquo says:

    are you kidding me? I love chocolate…great!

  2. denise says:

    I can’t eat dark chocolate for some reason it give’s me stomach ache. However Milk chocolate doesn’t bother me. Is it just as benifical to eat milk chocolate or only with the dark chocholate. All I ever hear is about the dark chocolate.

  3. Adrian says:

    Thanks for promoting a healthy life style. I think it is so important. Keep up the informative articles. Adrian

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