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Jerky Snacks: Healthy and Convenient

Filed Under: Health Foods at 5:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Looking for a healthy and convenient snack? Believe it or not, jerky is considered a healthy snack and its convenience and long shelf life can make this unusual food the perfect snack for athletes, weightlifters, or anyone with a busy schedule.

The name “jerky” comes from the Quechua term “charqui”, which means burned meat. Historically, jerked meat was one of the first human made products and was a crucially important food preservation technique for survival.

Today, jerky snacks are used as an excellent source of protein with as much as 15g per serving size. Generally 97% fat free and with less than 100 calories per ounce, jerky is considered a healthy product because moisture and fat are removed from the meat during the preparation process. The meat is generally cut into strips, trimmed of fat, marinated in a seasoned sweet rub or liquid, and dried or smoked with low heat or is occasionally just salted and sun-dried. The result is a snack which can be eaten immediately or can be stored for months without refrigeration.

Some manufacturers keep this process very simple, without use of additives. It’s also important to check if the brand uses naturally-raised meat, without antibiotics or stimulants, to ensure you are getting a healthy version of jerky snacks.

Most jerky meat types are slightly different when it comes to calories, fat, and protein per serving. Jerky is normally made of beef or turkey but you can also find chicken, buffalo, and salmon jerky. A wide variety of flavors are available from teriyaki to barbecue, spicy pepper to original, you can be sure to find your favorite jerky flavor.

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9 Responses to “Jerky Snacks: Healthy and Convenient”

  1. Ted Striker says:

    Right on. Ostrim Jerky is delicious and good for you.

  2. Leroy Jenkins says:

    jerkey is a good healthy snack. It is a great way to fill me up with just a couple bites, and it tastes great too! I will keep eating my jerkey!

  3. Sharon McGriddle says:

    I love my jerky. Great Snack.

  4. Justin Q. Dobah says:

    Jerkey is the best. Will keep eating. Vegans are missing out

  5. greasedupdeafguy says:

    I’m going to go ahead and disagree with you on this. Jerky is very high in sodium, just one stick of this jerky has 13g of sodium in it. Thats nearly a quarter of the recommended daily value of salt an adult should consume in a day.

  6. greasedupdeafguy says:

    It’s funny some of the projerky people can’t even spell the word jerky.

  7. Ted Striker says:

    @greasedupdeafguy: serving size shows 1oz of jerky has about 8% of the daily value of sodium. In my books, that’s not a significant amount and for sure it’s not even close to “nearly a quarter of the recommended daily value of salt a day”, which would be 25%, just in case you need help doing the math.

  8. Mitch says:

    Hey everyone pro-jerky: let greasedupdeafguy enjoy his veggies, he’s probably a gangly looking fellow that enjoys eating his brussel sprouts with vegan cheese (probably do not eat any animal by-products either), and the result is….more jerky for us!!!! GO JERKY!!!

  9. greasedupdeafguy says:

    @mitch, brussel sprouts are horrible…kinda like your fantasy football team.

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