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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Badia

Filed Under: Health Foods at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Save a trip to the grocery store. Now, you can shop your favorite herbs and spices on Lucky Vitamin and have them delivered to your door.

Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce Badia products to our customers. Available in many retails stores, Badia offers a premium selection of gourmet blends and many of these top selling products are certified organic.

The story behind Badia is quite interesting. Jose Badia left Spain in 1960, looking for new opportunities in the New World. He first landed in Santiago de Las Vegas, Cuba, where he became known for his hardware store. In 1963, with difficulties facing Cuba, Jose immigrated to Puerto Rico and entered the world of spices.

After leaving Puerto Rico in 1967, the Badia family looked for new markets in Miami, the land of Cuban immigrants, building brand loyalty. There, Badia begins to grow with the help of another company, and begins to appear on grocery store shelves. Slowly, Badia becomes more popular and well-known, and it spreads to more grocery stores. By 1998, Badia has expanded worldwide. With more than 350 products, placement in 1100 points of sale in the United States, international markets in three continents, and a dynamic, high-tech production line prove Badia is a great leader in its category.

Badia strives to be the strongest ethnic line of spices in the marketplace, with the most competitive prices and an exceptional selection of products for consumers to choose from. You can find cinnamon stick, cinnamon powder, turmeric, organic black sesame seed, organic cayenne pepper, organic oregano and much more, all products available at our discounted prices at Lucky Vitamin.

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    You really saved my skin with this inonamrtiof. Thanks!

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