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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Biotta Naturals

Filed Under: Health Foods at 1:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is happy to present Biotta Natural products to our customers. Biotta Naturals offers organic juices made from naturally grown fruits and vegetables.

The quality of Biotta’s produce is the foundation of the nutritional value of all juices. All fruits and vegetables are vine and field-ripened and selected using the highest quality standards in relation to flavor and content.

Biotta’s aim is to promote good health and vitality with top-quality organically grown products. Since 1951, Biotta has committed itself to organic farming, harvesting fruits and vegetables from healthy, living soil, utilizing organic production many years before the enthusiasm for organic food really took hold.

At Biotta, top quality means organic products grown and left as nature intended. First-class raw products and painstakingly careful processing are the keys to the natural flavor of Biotta juices, which are all rich with natural minerals and vitamins, to promote good health.

Biotta juices are 100% pure and natural, not made from concentrate or diluted with water, and no artificial additives are used. The Biotta name is symbolic of its origin. ‘Bio’ means organic in German and is synonymous for the quality of our superior products. Tagerwilen is the village in Switzerland where our juices are produced. Put together, ‘Bio’ and Ta’ became Biotta, an organic Swiss company/brand.

Biotta Naturals research and development play a key role in the production of all premium juices. The company places equal importance on developing new products and improving existing juices. Each production batch is monitored and checked throughout the entire processing operation in order to detect any deviations in quality at the earliest possible stage. To ensure that all these very important quality measures run smoothly, Biotta also operates a comprehensive Quality Control system which covers the entire production process.

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