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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Cal Naturale

Filed Under: Health Foods,Supplements at 2:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
SvelteLucky Vitamin is introducing a top quality brand of protein shakes to our customers: Cal Naturale.

Cal Naturale offers protein shakes that provide you with the lasting nutrition you need for your active and busy day. The company has developed unique products to improve the health and wellness of consumers by creating the best-tasting, nourishing and convenient foods at a great value, without compromising on quality or the environment. Cal Naturale is part of California Natural Products, a leading natural foods company with more than thirty years of history of innovation and excellence. Started back in 1980 with five employees and a commitment to creating nothing but the highest quality ingredients and products, Cal Naturale has grown to a large company to provide one of the industry’s iconic and best-loved products.

The company has developed Svelte, a superior line of meal replacements made with only the highest quality organic ingredients. Svelte is perfect as a delicious meal replacement for pre and post-workout or as an anytime on-the-go snack. Each rich, creamy flavor helps to control hunger, keeps you going, and gives you natural goodness through important nutrients.

Cal Naturale offers all of the creaminess of your favorite chocolate milkshake without the calories or milk.  The company has created a top quality chocolate shake with pure organic cocoa, fresh organic soymilk, and organic complex carbs for sustained energy. One of the company’s best-selling items, Chocolate Svelte will leave you feeling positively beautiful throughout your day.

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  1. Bob says:

    I’ll pass on these products since they contain soy which has estrogen producing effects.

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