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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Calbee

Filed Under: Health Foods at 7:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Finding healthy snacks isn’t always an easy task. Many products are labeled “healthy” but if you check their ingredients you may find several “not so healthy” ingredients.

One of the best places to find healthy snacks, Lucky Vitamin continues to expend its already unique selection of health foods. The latest addition is a premium brand of healthy and tasty snacks: Calbee.

Calbee produces natural, healthy snacks created with pure and simple ingredients. The company minimizes the use of additives to maximize the nutritional value of each component, while preserving flavor integrity. All Calbee products are made from fresh ingredients, low cholesterol, and contain no trans-fat.

Calbee’s SnackSalad brings you the wholesome goodness of the entire fruit or vegetable. Developed for customers who wish to get the healthy benefits of eating healthy in a more delicious way, this unique snack is a natural and tasty appetizer food, serving a wide variety of necessary nutrients.

Using locally produced foods that are fresh and in season is another priority for Calbee. The company uses ingredients produced locally. For example, shrimp caught in California and wheat grown in Oregon are used for Shrimp Flavored Chips, and mainly snow pea grown in Canada is used to produce Saya-Snow pea Crisps and Snapea Crisps.

Calbee strives to produce edible goods that are enjoyable and safe for consumers of all ages, from infants to the elderly. The constant improvement of production facilities and research as well as the development of new technologies ensures that the company will continue to provide top quality snacks for generations to come. Additionally, Calbee is an environmentally friendly company that protects and conserves nature.

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2 Responses to “Lucky Vitamin Presents: Calbee”

  1. Susanne says:

    they taste good

  2. Joe V says:

    I recently tried the snap pea crisps from Calbee as an alternative to snacking on potato chips. It was one of the best changes I could have made. They are absolutely delicious, have less fat than chips, and are made mostly from snap peas. It’s the best of both worlds. Who know snacking could be this fun!

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