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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Nantucket Off-Shore

Filed Under: Health Foods at 5:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce Nantucket Off-Shore products to our customers.

Nantucket Off-Shore offers an incredibly versatile selection of spice rubs that can be made into marinades, sauce-starters, used as toppings, or as a garnish to finish off a meal preparation.

Nantucket Off-Shore gives you the opportunity to be your own chef. The flavor and aroma of perfectly seasoned beef and vegetables on the grill evokes an island summer vacation any time of year with its easy simple living and great food. Nantucket Off-Shore brings that island feeling to your kitchen with expertly blended rubs. Just brush on some olive oil, rub the spices in, and cook.

Using only the highest quality whole herbs and spices, Nantucket Off-Shore has created a line of spice rubs and seasonings that let you travel the culinary world right in your kitchen or backyard grill. Deciding against salt and sugar, the company has blended these seasonings expertly to allow you to control the flavor intensity.

Any mixture of coarsely ground spices that is made for the purpose of being rubbed on food before it is cooked is considered a spice rub. Spices are rubbed into raw food to form a coating. The food can be marinated in the spice rub for some time for the flavors to incorporate into the food or it can be cooked immediately after it is coated in the rub.

Nantucket Off-Shore spice rubs are salt and sugar free, and are crafted from the finest, high quality all-natural herbs in the world. You can now shop at Lucky Vitamin for seven of these incredible spice rubs: Bayou Rub, Garden Rub, Mt. Olympus Rub,  Nantucket Rub, Prairie Rub, Rasta Rub, Renaissance Rub.

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