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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Rickland Orchards

Filed Under: Health Foods,Nutritional Bars at 12:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Rickland OrchardsLucky Vitamin is proud to introduce Rickland Orchards products to our customers. Rickland Orchards offers a premium line of nutritional bars and great tasting snacks. Designed for busy families, Rickland Orchards delicious snacks contain the goodness of Greek yogurt and the convenience to be enjoyed anywhere.

People all over the world were mixing Greek yogurt with wholesome foods to create delicious protein-packed combinations. Rickland Orchards has taken this idea to a whole new level, straining Greek yogurt coating, and blending it with roasted nuts, granola, and fruit. More than an alternative to regular yogurt, Greek yogurt contains almost twice the protein and fewer carbohydrates. Moreover, Greek yogurt removes much of its liquid whey, lactose, and sugar. Consequently, the result is a thicker yogurt with more protein and less fat. What started with a Greek yogurt coating, granola, and fruit has grown into a whole line of snacks that are excellent sources of dietary fiber, good source of protein, and perfect for anyone, including kids.

Rickland Orchards has creativity and innovation in the core of their philosophy. With a little of imagination, a lot of determination and an endless supply of Greek yogurt, the company has been able to develop the top product in taste, ingredients, and nutrition.

Additionally, Rickland Orchards makes these premium nutritional bars even better adding to their formulas healthy and nutritious ingredients such as acai, honey, blueberries, cranberries, almonds and much more. You can also try Rickland Orchards Greek yogurt coated granola bites, a simple and delicious snack. Small, easy and delicious, these nutritious bites are the latest creation of a quick and healthy snack.

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