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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Rise Foods

Filed Under: Health Foods,Nutritional Bars at 5:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce another premium brand of nutritional bars: Rise Foods.

Rise Foods offers a unique selection of specific bars for specific times of day, created to give people very specific bars, with different formulations, for various times of day. After all, your body needs a different sort of fuel first thing in the morning than it needs mid-afternoon, and your workout demands something else all-together.

Rise Foods have been developing delicious, super-healthy nutrition bars under the names Boomi Bar and Prana Bar for more than a decade. Rise Bars feature the same formulas and commitment to unwavering quality under one name. For many people Rise Foods is a source of great tasting, healthy breakfast, snacks or protein.

Rise Foods bars are different. Instead of added sugars, and processed grains, (making bars no more nutritious than a candy bar), Rise Bars provide wholesome energy and nutrition from unprocessed nuts, fruit and seeds.  In addition, Rise Bars are vegetarian and Kosher, and are free of gluten, preservatives, GMOs, soy and peanuts. In three varieties and many delicious flavors, anyone can enjoy them as a snack or meal replacement packed with fiber and protein to help them keep going for hours.

Rise Foods breakfast bars are all-natural nutrition bars, made with hearty chunks of fruits and nuts, and sweetened with honey. Rise Energy+ Bars are organic, sweetened with organic tapioca syrup and brown rice syrup and are also packed with antioxidant rich superfruits such as Acai and Goji berry.  Protein+ Bars are loaded with 17 grams of protein or more, and contain five ingredients or less.  They are made with the highest quality whey protein isolate and blended with almonds for a delicious smooth texture made for a great workout or recovery snack.

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