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Lucky Vitamin Presents: The Perfect Snaque

Filed Under: Health Foods at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
The Perfect SnaqueLucky Vitamin is introducing a premium brand of delicious and healthy snacks: The Perfect Snaque.

The Perfect Snaque offers 100% unique snacks made of blends of premium whole grains and seeds. The company accents these high quality ingredients in a unique way to deliver three amazing flavors that will provide hours of natural energy, while keeping consumers healthy, satisfied and on the go.

The Perfect Snaque is a super delicious, super healthy, super snack which allows you to snack at your own pace with the ultra-convenient flip top re-sealable snack pack. This unique line of products contains the amazing nutritional qualities of lentils and ancient grains like quinoa and amaranth.

The organic sprouted lentils have 80% less fat than chips and 90% less fat than nuts. Packed with protein, fiber, iron, folate and micronutrients, these sprouted lentils are very nutritious and able to satisfy that snack craving while delivering essential nutrients to your body.

Created to provide the best tasting snack with the highest nutritional value from real, whole foods, The Perfect Snaque is your best option for an incredibly healthy, crunchy, and delicious bite. The Perfect Snaque are available in washable, re-usable containers that you can throw in your backpack, in the car, in the kids’ bags, and are perfect for hiking, biking and all outdoor activities.

Additionally, The Perfect Snaque is helping to rebuild New Jersey coastal towns devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The company has announced a partnership with “Restore Our Shore”, dedicated to organizing and mobilizing NJ residents to provide funds to local charities assisting in the rebuild process.

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    Consuming perfect snaque is a great way to enhance your efficiency and they also helps in preventing various inner diseases.

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