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Lucky Vitamin Presents: The Tea Room

Filed Under: Health Foods at 2:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
The Tea Room

With the holiday season in full swing, Lucky Vitamin wasted no time and has added another brand of premium organic chocolate products: The Tea Room.

The Tea Room offers an exclusive selection of fusion treats carefully crafted to incorporate the perfect balance of tea and chocolate. This unique combination presents a delicious product that isn’t just delicious but good for you too. All bars are USDA organic certified, GMO free, and hormone free. These organic chocolate bars contain fusions with 10 tea-infused ranging in cacao content from 30% up to 72%.

A natural pairing for your palette’s pleasure, The Tea Room’s chocolate blends remain faithful to the traditional chocolate experience, utilizing the infusion techniques only in aspiration of elevating the chocolate’s taste as well as enhancing its embedded health properties.

The Tea Room is a chocolate and tea company that maintains the cultural and culinary background acquired by Heinz Rimann and his vision of providing a delicately handcrafted chocolate infused with a perfectly steeped cup of tea. A native of Switzerland, Rimann became a registered chef, and began taking a more focused interest in the world of flavor and fine cuisines.

One of the company’s best sellers, The Tea Room Santa Hollow Chocolate Organic Milk Chocolate Honey Bush Caramel is a delicious hollow chocolate Santa infused with a honey bush caramel tea, which is similar to a rooibos tea in appearance, yet slightly sweeter in taste. The caramel bits bring out the honey flavor of the red bush, imparting a full-bodied sweetness.

The Team Room success continue to result in awards every year, including the SIAL Innovation Selection 2012 Award in Paris, France, as well as multiple awards at the Chocolate Bar Competition in San Francisco.

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