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LuckyVitamin Introduces HowGood Sustainability Ratings

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Health Foods at 12:03 pm | By: Leah Hazuda, Contributing Editor

We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with HowGood— a company that shares our passion for transparency in the food system and a mission to help shoppers to find products that meet their high standards. You’ll now find HowGood’s GOOD, GREAT, and BEST ratings on our most sustainable food products as well as information on why each positively rated item receives the HowGood stamp of approval.

HowGood was started back in 2007 by brothers Alexander and Arthur Gillett with the goal of finding ways to support and improve our food system. They spent their first five years partnering with industry experts, farmers, scientists, NGOs, and academics to develop a research framework that could be used to examine and rate the environmental and social impact of different foods. The company now has a database of over 170k rated items and a team devoted to researching the sourcing standards, production methods, and company conduct for each product. They look at over 60 different metrics for each item, including factors ranging from pesticide usage to labor conditions to processing practices, before assigning a rating to help shoppers make informed decisions.

Each product that meets the HowGood standards receives a GOOD, GREAT, and BEST rating, with each step up on the scale equating to extra measures that the company is taking to produce foods that are more responsibly sourced, environmentally-friendly, and wholesome. Those in the top BEST category are industry leaders in sustainability and are focused on making products that are good for consumers, their employees, and the environment. Now, using the HowGood ratings on our site you can easily identify trustworthy brands that are making a difference!

For more information on HowGood, visit their website or download their free app.

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