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New Brands Showcase: Brami

Filed Under: Health Foods,Nutrition at 6:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
B5Lucky Vitamin is proud to present a new brand of products which is the Mediterranean answer to edamame beans: Brami.

Brami offers a unique line of beans products that are soy-free, ready-to-snack, and come in exciting flavors. The company creates this delicious snacks in small batches, adding a variety of natural spices. Rich in plant-based protein, Brami beans are a great alternative to animal protein snacks such as jerky.

This amazing product contains lupini beans which are considered a “superbean” as they provide tons of nutrients as well as a boost of energy. Often overlooked because of their long preparation time, lupini beans are the ultimate ‘slow food’ snack but the extra work is definitely worth the effort.

Brami meticulously prepares these beans for days before steeping them in small batches of natural spices, sea salt, and tangy citrus. Finally, the company vacuums pack them fresh out of the barrel, preserving their natural flavor and crunch without the use of artificial preservatives. Brami beans are inherently pest resistant, low maintenance, non-GMO, and able to withstand difficult conditions, making this warrior bean an eminently sustainable crop. Do yourself and the planet a favor: trade in that jerky for some Brami beans.

You can save even more when you shop Brami beans at Lucky Just enter the promo code JULY16NEW16 at checkout to get an extra 15% OFF on all items of this new brand. But hurry, this offer expires 7/31/2016

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