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Once You Get Past the Taste . . .

Filed Under: Health Foods at 12:13 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Lord ByronIn his day, Lord Byron drank bottles of vinegar to lose weight, transforming the remedy from wives’ tale to widely-accepted method of weight loss. Since then, the vinegar obsession has mushroomed to encompass not just diet but illness as well. Any type can cure you of . . . anything, but the best is apple cider vinegar. It is purported to treat allergies, sinus infections, diabetes, blood pressure, flu, chronic fatigue, candida, sore throats and gout.  And if you’re willing to share your bottle with your pet, you can take care of Rover’s arthritic problems, keep him flea free and transform his coat into a shiny, silk-like covering.  It seems like the miracle cure-all, but is it really?

The answer is twofold and begins with the negative. Apple cider vinegar cannot do many of the things its diehard fans believe it can, such as kill lice, remove warts, reverse aging or ease digestion.  Or if it can, it can’t do it as well as other products. But that doesn’t eliminate its golden-child status, because apple cider vinegar does help control diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. It helps slow cancer and accelerate weight loss, although how effectively for each is still a matter of contention. More studies need to be done before anything definitive can be stated. Meanwhile, it couldn’t hurt for you to pick up a bottle of apple cider vinegar; just be smart in how you take it.

Some recommend that you swallow two teaspoons a day. Some suggest even more, but too much vinegar can be a bad thing, lowering your potassium levels and forcing you to ingest a lot of a distressingly harsh liquid. To be on the safe side, use it to dress your salad or find recipes that incorporate it. If you are adamant about taking it on its own, never do so without diluting it in water or juice first. And as always, talk with your doctor before beginning a daily regimen of vinegar. He may have concerns, advice or a bottle to give you. Then, open wide. Once you get past the taste, the health benefits are plentiful.

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