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Pea Protein Health Benefits

Filed Under: Health Foods,Sports Nutrition at 9:30 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak

Peas provide protein and energy. So, it’s no surprise pea protein supplements have become one of the favorite products for athletes around the world. Well-known for being a rich source of protein, peas offers multiple benefits over both animal and other vegetable proteins, including three important aspects for athletes and anyone exercising on a regular basis.

First, the lack of allergens makes pea protein an excellent post-workout supplement for athletes who may have difficulty with other types of protein. Some people find soy and other sources of protein difficult to digest, but because of its unique composition, peas, pepisum sativum, have been found to be amongst the most digestible source of protein available.

One of the few veggie alternatives, pea protein is free of common allergens and is a protein isolate that contains an impressive 28 grams of easily-digested protein. Soy, whey, egg and animal-based protein supplements have all been shown to produce allergic reactions in some people and their potential for allergic reactions can increase with repeated use. Of all the protein supplements available, pea proteins have been shown to produce the least allergic reactions.

Second, peas contain an enzyme that breaks down proteins helping improve overall digestion. Optimal digestion is essential for active individuals to maximize results and improve overall health.

Lastly, pea protein contains the ideal combination of essential amino acids to enhance sports performance. Pea protein contains lysine, which can help balance nitrogen levels in muscles, arginine, which promotes muscle metabolism and a healthy heart, glutamine, which can help restore nitrogen balance after a heavy workout, and leucine, isoleucine and valine, branched-chain amino acids which can help maintain tissues during exercise.

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