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Pomegranate Still Packs a Punch

Filed Under: Health Foods at 4:29 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
PomegranateThey are what trapped Persephone in the Underworld.  They are what ancient Egyptians believed would bring a second life, and for those who doubt the apple’s authenticity, they are the fruit that lured Eve out of Eden. They are pomegranates, a fruit entangled in our history, weaved in our words and drifting through our myths. But their draw is not limited to legend. They are a food that offers so much more than a detail in a story.

For the past several years, the pomegranate has been rising in popularity.  Researchers have been touting its benefits, asserting that a glass a day will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease  and possibly lessen the effects of aging. Its antioxidants, more abundant than those in green tea or even red wine, are the source of pure health-joy. And now studies suggest that the pomegranate may help fight prostate cancer. When mice, with human prostate-cancer cells, were fed or injected with pomegranate juice, tumor growth slowed, markedly. The cells were not completely destroyed, but they were deterred.  While more research needs to be conducted, the findings show promise and add to the spectrum of diseases that pomegranate combats.

The only concern left, now, is figuring out how you’re going to have it. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of options. Pomegranate passion has led to pomegranate dressing, vodka, salsa, lollipops and candy. However, these, no matter how tasty, may not be the most beneficial source of the fruit’s goodness. You want something more naturally pomegranate. You could be depressingly boring and get a supplement. You could add a little more flavor to your life with the juice. Or, you could cook with them! The seeds are tough to extract but worth the effort. Throw them on a salad, add them to tapioca pudding or use them as a garnish. If you want something that will warm you through and through, try pomegranate soup.  The fruit will offer you delightful variety during the autumn months, and you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t tried them earlier.

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